Fun Day At The Griffith Art Show….

Painting and creating have been an important part of my life since a very early time in my childhood. Born and raised just outside of Chicago, it was not uncommon to find me painting or sketching throughout my childhood. In my teen years my creative interests continued to grow as I began taking Art classes for all 4 years of high school. I then married and became the mother of 3 beautiful children and so for quite a few years I worked outside of the home and just didn’t paint much other then an occasional piece of furniture for my home or one of my children’s rooms. As the children got a little older I began painting children's murals for baby nurseries, preschools and Sunday schools. I also designed theatrical sets and did faux finishing with my girlfriend for area homes. When our children were about 14, 17 and 18 my husband and I adopted 3 additional children who had come from a very extremely difficult background. Raising the children took center stage for us. Even though our 3 oldest children were mostly self sufficient adding a sibling group of 3 more children (with added special needs) made it hard to hold down a 9 to 5. Along with it being difficult to hold down a typical job I started having anxiety attacks due to the constant output with very little input because of their very special needs. You see our new children had to be kept in eye shot at all times which gave me no time alone, I wasn’t even able to take a shower or go to the bathroom without planing it out for years. It was at this time I began painting again. I had to have a way to calm my brain down and get it to relax so I again started to paint. Since I couldn’t leave my children alone for any length of time I had to do something from home. So I began to for the first time really start to paint on canvas. While our youngest 3 were now enrolled in school I almost daily received a phone call from the schools of which I would have to be ready to leave to retrieve one of my youngest and bring them home on a dime. Painting became my lovely therapy, my trusted old friend and now was saving me on a daily basis. So I painted and painted and painted, very badly I have to say lol. While I consider myself self-taught as I have not taken any formal classes, it took me along time to learn how to really put color on canvas. I asked everyone lots of questions and really no one would share much of anything. So I learned slowly, and little by little I developed my own style and the way I wanted so see my work look on a canvas. While I love every medium and often dabble in several my first love and preference is acrylics. I implement the wet acrylic painting technique meaning I paint quickly in layers of wet color. My paintings tend to look like stained glass infused with movement and sometimes have a 3D look. I use bright, bold colors with a whimsical touch, often I depict trees and flowers in my work. I have won a few awards and features for my work. I also have been in several Juried events, and people often refer to me in my community as "The Happy Painter" as people often remark how happy my paintings make them feel. My paintings are not for folks who like neutral everyday store art. While I have often have tried to paint neutral my work always ends up coming out of me bold and bright no matter what. My work is for people who really love color and not just color but bold, bright whimsical happy color. I paint to bring joy not only to myself but to you and your space. I want you to wake up each morning and look at your wall and just smile. I want to give you something that you can look at over and over again and find something new that you may not have seen before. I work very hard on my art and I don’t usually whip a piece out in just one day. I sometimes take days or weeks to add all the little details and extra brush strokes that make my work ready for its new home. I have been painting now for quite a few years as all 6 of our children are now adults with lives of their own. My husband and I now live on a small farm in Northwest Indiana where I can be inspired by nature each and everyday and can find peace and joy. We now live with a few chickens and 3 beautiful visiting granddaughters and our handsome new little grandson.